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Objectives and Purpose:

I specialize in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Electronic Business Flow Management (EBFM) systems that involve many different aspects of computer technology, including Project Management, Change Management, Conversion/Migration, ERP implementation and Strategic Planning. Our specialization over the past several years has been in the areas of information and data architecture, working with EDI (and other forms of electronic business-to-business communication) to integrate these transaction based systems into the business process.

ERP Integration Focus:

I focus on ERP/CRM systems with an emphasis on JD Edwards (Oracle Enterprise One) Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Shipping & Distribution and financial institution (Banks, Credit Card, Payroll) transactions and the related deployment of the EDI interface transactions and third party systems interfaces. Conversion, migration and integration to third party systems (shipping, transportation, etc.) are functional areas where we excel.


I have worked with local, national and international companies. We have developed and deployed systems for major enterprises involved in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas and healthcare from the Far East to Europe and across the USA.

Types of Services

Professional Services: I provide Professional Consultants for all areas and phases of the project lifecycle: project management and consultation; systems analysis & assessment; infrastructure design & integration; application development & implementation; systems support & documentation.

Focused Business Areas:

  • Global ERP/CRM Implementation and Conversion for Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution businesses.
  • EDI and Web based electronic commerce ( USA , Europe and Far East format compliance).
  • Financial transaction cash flow consolidation and concentration.
  • HealthCare systems with HIPAA transaction compliance considerations.
  • Operational Order to Cash and Banking Interfaces
  • Operations Procure to Pay and total Supply Chain Integration

EDI Services Profile

The future of Global Business will be concentrated on how well and how fast information flows between business enterprises.  Electronic Business Flow Management (EBFM) is the new model for the Global Economy fully utilizing the power of electronic communications, traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the Internet.  Electronic Transaction Flow Management (ETFM) is the process that enables a cost effective and profitable implementation of the EBFM model.   Properly implemented, the Electronic Business Flow Management model will propel our Global economy through this Millennium.


Based in Winter Haven Florida USA , I am proud to be a leader in both national and international markets.

Our Mission:

My mission is to provide the most cost effective and efficient business systems solution to clients with a direct focus on Global Business  and bottom line contribution this business model will provide.

What Makes HJS EDI Services Different?

I offer unique blend of Professional Consultants and Information Technology veterans who have successfully combined their professional backgrounds and IT expertise to create a dynamic team that truly understands your core needs at the business and technology level. We have a proven methodology and provide the right talent to make your projects and your company successful and profitable.  

Clients choose me because:

  • I am dedicated to building long-term relationships based on Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect for our co-workers and with our clients.
  • I am knowledgeable beyond the buzzwords and understand firsthand what it takes to make a project successful.
  • I save time and energy by delivering professional services instead of volumes of paperwork.
  • I have a 35-year track record of providing successful business solutions to enterprises around the world.