Skip Stein

Senior Project Manager

Senior ERP Business Integration Consultant

[email protected]


I am a Senior Management Consultant and Project Director with based in Winter Haven, Florida. I deal with issues and solutions to problems in the areas of Information Lifecycle Data Management, electronic business transaction flow and business intelligence data storage & retrieval. With a focus on enterprise-wide business analytics I address the institutional challenges to reform the business processes across the board. I am a leader in the organizational challenge to move from a siloed approach to more inclusive information management programs that work across the entire company


As an experienced computer systems professional functioning as an information and data architect, I have gained valuable skills and knowledge by working in a wide range of industries and applying a varied set of technology solutions to complete project tasks and resolve client problems. My employment and consulting history includes such businesses as Manufacturing/Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Telecommunications, Public Accounting, Banking and Finance, Resort and Hotel Management, and Retail Sales and Distribution. Within these organizations, I have performed in positions as Programmer Analyst, Project Manager, Operations Director and Director of Development.


I provide a complete skill set coupled with a professional business sense that provides me with the ability to understand complex business situations and ‘pare’ them down to achievable action steps. I have the ability to bounce from technical discussions with engineers to business analytical reviews with senior management. My drive, enthusiasm and team work skills allow me to define, develop and implement business process solutions to complex business problems.


My skills include the ability to take charge of projects, generate cohesive team participation and complete assignments in a timely manner. Since each task of a successful project depends on all previous and subsequent tasks, I have developed project management and team building skills while utilizing precedence and critical path method management techniques. I have worked with Electronic Business Flow Management (EBFM) systems utilizing EDI and Web Commerce tools to implement business-to-business communications solutions in conjunction with International ERP systems deployments.


During my career, I have enjoyed an in depth involvement with a varied set of technologies and utilized them to provide productive and cost effective business solutions. As a Project Manager, I have worked around the globe reaching from the Prudhoe Bay Alaska to Hong Kong to Europe and Mexico. Working on massive projects like the Prudhoe Bay Sealift Project in Alaska to major manufacturing/distribution operations involving airfreight operations from Hong Kong to the USA, and warehouse management systems in Europe, I have developed team management and implementation skills enabling these and other projects to be completed on time and within budget.


I am well versed in financial systems and operations working several years in commercial banking industry and public accounting. I have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for manufacturing/distribution, electronics and pharmaceutical companies with automated payments and receipts processing modules, saving significant labor expense while enhancing cash flow and receipts processes. As a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) I also functions as an Internal Controls and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance consultant. I have also designed and implemented various manufacturing/distribution/financial EDI transaction systems for major manufacturers in the USA and Europe.


Citizenship: United States of America

Education: B. S. Management

University of Houston, Houston Texas

Certification: CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor

CDP - Certificate in Data Processing

Spoken Languages: Fluent: English (USA)

Partial Project Summary

Implemented and automated the Procure to Pay Purchasing Department EDI integration with key suppliers for a Mid-South Refinery. Designed electronic commerce (EDI) transaction specification, standards and business processing procedures. Worked directly with suppliers to coordinate and test full purchase functionality for blanket ordering, stock and non-stock items controlled by the JD Edwards ERP system. Ongoing support on retainer/service agreement for over two years.


Managed, coordinated and designed third party interface requirements for an integrated hard-goods manufacturer during the conversion to and implementation of JD Edwards ERP system. Architected the data flow model to coordinate all transaction interfaces between third party modules, custom designed system and JD Edwards ERP system functions. Built intranet web based documentation system to identify all data flow models, documentation and procedures and interface requirements.


JD Edwards 8.12 integration remediation. Coordinate business process enhancements across all business units. Revise and implement new business practices to deal with newly installed JD Edwards ERP system. Plan integration process and electronic transaction processing for Order to Cash, Procure to Pay and banking/financial integration.


Project Manager and coordinator for major corporate system integration efforts for a large media distribution company. Trained project managers on techniques and approaches to organization and functional representation of project efforts. Developed composite project overview and plans for major corporate projects. Coordinated efforts of project managers and teams to achieve project objectives.


Conducted an analytical review and developed a requirements plan to migrate a national manufacturing company from a heavily modified JD Edwards XE system to Oracle Enterprise One 8.12 (JDE). In addition the electronic processing interface was analyzed and the immediate production failures were temporarily remediated; with a plan for a more permanent solution to be implemented with the migration to E1 8.12.


Coordinate and manage the conversion of electronic transaction resources and Order to Cash processing from a JD Edwards World to Oracle Enterprise One ERP system. Worked with deployment team to configure all E1 options and configurations for manufacturing, distribution and finance. Developed comprehensive data analysis and mapping for all transaction processing. Configured shipping and labeling systems in conjunction with Data Systems International (DSI) programs.


Managed the implementation of JD Edwards World 9.1 for a major mid-south heavy equipment manufacturer to implement a new electronic transaction processing efforts for the automation of inbound order processing, outbound invoicing and outbound supplier order processing and invoice payment processes. Utilized the ‘Configurator’ to customize the design and configuration of components and end product. Trained staff and documented procedures for revised business processes to accommodate the automation of order and procurement business processes.


Performed a transaction analysis and developed a systems requirements plan for a division of a major hard goods supplier to implement EDI transactions for the European Division with Far East manufacturing. This transaction system was based on EDI EDIFACT and the design interface was to a JD Edwards ERP system.


Implemented the Electronic Transaction Flow Management (ETFM) system to identify and address all electronic transaction processing for an engineering parts supply company. Developed project plans for the electronic transaction interface to a webMethods conversion with integration to web services and order processing. Consolidate all financial order-to-cash and order-to-pay transaction activities plan and schedule.


Managed the pre-implementation audit of Enterprise One (JD Edwards) EDI shipping and distribution system for a Midwest plastics manufacturing company. Integrated Enterprise One systems to legacy shop floor manufacturing and injection mold production operations. Developed and deployed Advanced Ship Notice (EDI 856) and Invoice (EDI 810) transactions and Order to Cash operations with wholesale and retail customers across the USA and Canada.


Managed, coordinated and designed third party interface requirements for an integrated hard-goods manufacturer during the conversion to and implementation of JD Edwards OneWorld-XE ERP system. Architected the data flow model to coordinate all transaction interfaces between third party modules, custom designed system and JD Edwards ERP system functions. Built intranet web based documentation system to identify all data flow models, documentation and procedures and interface requirements.


Designed, planned and implemented the financial accounting control interfaces for JD Edwards accounts receivable automated cash application interfaces to process trade account payments via EDI 820 Remittance/Payment Advice transactions. Planned and set up the Accounts Payable automated account reconciliation process, procedures and financial institution data interfaces. Deployed outbound electronic payment processing for vendor payments and employee disbursements via EDI 820 Remittance/Payment Advice to financial institutions.


Managed, coordinated and implemented the electronic transaction deployment for an International hard-goods manufacturer in conjunction with a JD Edwards OneWorld implementation. Project efforts included coordination with multiple divisions across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe. Centralization efforts of the EDI processing included a new implementation of an EDI translation tool, with new deployments of all purchase order, shipping and invoicing related transactions (EDI 850/855/858/860, 856/858/860/861/ 810/820/828). Accounts Payable EDI/EFT (820) transactions were implemented for payment of both vendor accounts as well as internal employee accounts. Trading Partner interfaces for inbound Purchase Order, Point of Sale, and order confirmations were implemented. Outbound Advanced Ship Notices (ASN/856), Invoice (810), Remittance/Payment Advice (820) and other supporting transactions were also deployed.


Developed and implemented internal Accounts Receivable (A/R) processes to enable the receipt of ANSI X.12 EDI remittance advice transactions (RA820) into the JD Edwards OneWorld Accounts Receivable system for a leading manufacturer of windows, doors and molding products. The project included building interfaces to J D Edwards (JDE) OneWorld Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) A/R system for trade customer payments and remittance data, implementing automated cash application processes for JDE OneWorld A/R and training internal resources for executing the necessary manual A/R cash application activities. The EDI interface was implemented utilizing IPNet Solutions data communications tools and Mercator transaction set mapping.


Deployed a trading partner system for a major electronics company that electronically supplies a comprehensive set of data and information to the Strategic Supplier/Partners. The two prime objectives of the business model are increased inventory turns while increasing the Customers’ schedule flexibility in a zero stock-out, and Supplier managed MRP environment utilizing EDI and electronic commerce. The overall program objective is to share vital information with the Supplier/Partner to allow for the transitioning of the decision-making process from within the electronics company to the supply chain link with the greatest degree of control and flexibility; the electronics distribution channel.


Developed and implemented internal Accounts Receivable processes for an international household appliance manufacturer and distributor encompassing activities currently provided by a third party service. Implemented Inovis EDI interfaces to JD Edwards A/R for trade customer payments and remittance data; established trade customer lockboxes, built an automated cash application process for JD Edwards A/R, and staffed/trained internal resources for executing the necessary manual A/R cash application activities. Project included banking lock box interfaces be developed with electronic funds transfer processing and automated remittance advice processing utilizing EDI X.12 standard transaction sets with adjustment activity reported on EDI X.12 transactions.


Managed the deployment of a food service company’s implementation of SAP EDI for the application interface to a wholesale distribution chain. Coordinated the IDOC interface with Harbinger TLE, EDI translation software, for Purchase Order, Order Confirmation and Invoicing. Managed the application and user dialog interface to ensure accurate translation and subsequent order processing and distribution. Also coordinated the EDI processing for inter-company order fulfillment and distribution on a linked AS/400


Implemented a migration to Oracle based ROSS ERP systems and full implementation of Gentran Server EDI interfaces to national retail chains for processing purchase orders and invoicing. The project required setup and testing with multiple large national retail chain store operations and order entry systems for the manufacturing, shipment and delivery of drug and pharmacological products.


Implemented EDI capabilities and training in Europe for an International Pharmaceutical company on iSeries platform and EDI translation software utilizing value added networks and corporate WAN. Interfaced JD Edwards ERP software systems to European based warehouse operations and locally developed warehouse management systems. Trained project team in EDI functionality and interface standards and assisted in the development and deployment of the bridging application systems implementation. Acted as liaison/coordinator/project manager to USA based EDI support and development team throughout the deployment process. Both ANSI X.12 and EDIFACTS standards were utilized.


Established full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services for an International Pharmaceutical company using Inovis TrustedLink Enterprise (TLE) services. This included the interface to existing iSeries distribution systems and the JD Edwards Financial and Distribution systems at multiple international locations. EDI services were established in support of both intra-company and external trading partner relationships. Full sales order, purchase order, receipt and manifesting processes were supported as well as shipping and delivery interfaces with international freight forwarders. Both ANSI X.12 and EDIFACTS standards were utilized.